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Welcome to Single Tree Farm

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About Single Tree Farm

All mules are raised on this farm--we are NOT mule traders! We want to be able to tell you everything we can about the mules we have raised. The horses we have for sale have been with us for years; several were purchased as weanlings so we know a lot about them, as well--all were born locally.



Single Tree Farm is a family operation. Our goal is to produce and train the highest quality riding mules and donkeys.

We raise a limited number of mule and donkey foals each year. This ensures that each foal is given the highest quality care and training, which in turn guarantees that our customers get animals that do not fit the typical stereotype of donkeys and mules. They get animals that they are proud of! Whether for showing or trail riding, we raise a variety of animals to suit most any riding need or discipline.



STF Magneto & Titanium Man (top photo), known on the farm as Ty, is a son of the late STF Texas Redman, "T.R." (middle photo), and STF Snow's Jinny "Bugsy" (bottom photo).

Single Tree Farm
Drake Road
Abingdon, Virginia 24211

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